A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Face off against your friends in a turn-based strategy of little proportions!

Inspired by Advance Wars, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, My Little War is a hotseat multiplayer turn-based strategy in which two players must challenge one another in a battle over land. 

Command infantry and tanks and use the terrain to outwit your opponent!

My Little War was created in 6 weeks by a second-year student at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Melbourne.

How To Play

  • Click the left-mouse button to select units and move them.
  • Click the right-mouse button to deselect units and restart their move.
  • After a unit has moved, click a highlighted tile to attack an enemy.
  • Or click your unit to make them wait.
  • At any time, click the End Turn button to give control to your opponent.


Please refer to the full list of credits.


My Little War - Windows.zip 34 MB
My Little War - Mac.zip 43 MB


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Please, add a singleplayer mode vs AI bot.